Training Overview

Our ethos with training in children’s and youth ministry is that it is really important to have some theory but a lot of our learning comes through practically doing it. Therefore, the SWYM training programme gives you the opportunity to not only gain a qualification but a huge amount of experience at the same time.

Our training programme is not just to be an academic ‘head-knowledge’ course, but a practical and life-changing journey of discovery into Christian discipleship and your role as children and youth leaders. Each training course aims to take you and your gifts and turn them into effective instruments of the Gospel. By involving personal development, formal lectures, workshops, retreats, worship, prayerful consideration and exploration of what all these things mean to the modern childrens and youth leader, the entire programme will help release and equip you into your true calling and vocation.

Varying levels of certification and course duration give a flexibility to engage at the right level for you and open doors to new levels beyond each course. All of the courses will give you a formal qualification for your ministry from more vocational qualifications up to degree level.



SWYM Training Options:

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