The Story Behind Our New Admin & Resource Centre

One of the key highlights from this past academic year has been the move into our new Admin & Resource Centre. For a while, we had known that we had outgrown the office space we have rented in Exeter for the last 15 years. It was a brilliant space as SWYM grew, but we were now bursting at the seams.

In February 2017, Paul had a sense from God that it was the right time to explore possibilities for a new base. We didn’t have a penny to spend on a building as SWYM has always lived hand to mouth, believing that all our effort should go into the work on the ground. 

We went to have a look around one business unit and thought it would be amazing for us. A few days later we heard from the estate agent that they had a received an asking price offer which had been provisionally accepted, but if we could find a full cash offer of £200k in the next fortnight it could be ours. 

Within 48 hours we had been offered the full amount as a mixture of gifts or interest-free loans. We put in the offer which was accepted and instructed our solicitors.

We were always passionate that we wouldn’t use any of our income from training or church fees to fund the building and between March and the middle of June we had amazingly raised the full £200k through trusts and individual gifts.

We then began raising money for the refurbishment. We have currently raised £40k which has enabled us to finish the main office space upstairs and get going on downstairs. We are now raising the final £15,000 so are very close to finishing!

We are, having said all this, not really all that passionate about buildings. What we have is amazing, but for us, it’s all about people. Our focus will continue to be on reaching this generation in this region and seeing lives transformed. All our funding will continue to go into making this happen but it is an incredible testimony to God’s goodness that he is giving us this base as a gift as we seek to serve Him across the region.