Become a Ministry Partner

Let’s work together to build God’s Kingdom.

What is a Ministry Partner?

SWYM exists to serve local churches across the South West of England. We want to help churches from Lands End to Gloucester, to Swindon, to Salisbury establish the best models of ministry, stand in partnership together, and learn from each other.

The term ‘Ministry Partner’ emphasises the desire of SWYM to work with churches and projects that have a heart, and vision to reach their community. We want to work in genuine partnership, where both parties seek to serve one another. SWYM works with many Ministry Partners across the South West, all with unique and varying projects.

We want to resource the local church by providing quality training, both regionally and locally. Our day events are ideal for supporting your children’s and youth leaders, giving access to national speakers and practitioners.

We also encourage churches to consider taking on a trainee – investing in a young leader whilst helping you develop your own local ministry. You may know someone (locally, or through your networks) who could train in ministry either based with you, or with another of our Ministry Partners.

Want to Become a Ministry Partner?

If you would like to find out more about becoming a Ministry Partner, then the best step is to get in contact and one of our team will be in touch to talk you through the process.

I fully believe in the vision, the mission, and the people – all of whom are passionately committed to raise up effective, authentic, life-changing youth leaders who creatively and relentlessly bring the good news of Jesus to young people.

Matt Summerfield

I am delighted that the Diocese of Exeter is partnering with South West Youth Ministries (SWYM). SWYM are national experts in youth work training and provision, who bring over 20 years of experience. They are able to provide us with first-rate support, training and investment for our work with and for young people across Devon. In the ever-changing landscape of youth ministry we couldn’t be in better hands.

The Right Reverend Robert Atwell

Bishop of Exeter