Digital Detox – 24 Hour Retreat

Matt and Amy Summerfield | 25th April 2022

Guess what? Jesus never ran anywhere. He never seemed to be in a rush or a hurry. Sure, he got tired from time to time, which is why we often see him retreating and resting. So what were the rhythms of retreat and rest that Jesus embraced, and how might those new rhythms and practices in 2022 help ensure that our work FOR God doesn’t kill the work OF God in us? Only the Creator of your soul can heal your soul. So let’s spend 24 hours drawing close to Him and see what happens!

Amy Summerfield is the CEO of Kyria, a leadership network to champion, empower and release women into their spheres of influence and the Head of Development at Skylark International, a network or Church’s, charity’s and organisations which exists to connect heaven to earth. Amy is a regular conference speaker for women and leadership conferences.

Matt Summerfield is the Senior Pastor of Zeo Church which he leads alongside a wider speaking, training, coaching and writing ministry.  Prior to this, he served for 18 years as CEO, and latterly President, of the youth and children’s missionary movement, Urban Saints. Matt is passionate about releasing potential in people and organisations, with a particular commitment to see young people live God’s great adventure.