Reflect and Re-envision

Tuesday 11th May 10am – 2pm



A professional development half-day for youth and children’s workers across the South West. 

Connect with others and consider the themes of Reflect and Re-envision in this moment as we launch back into face to face ministry.



10am – Welcome and Worship

10.40am – BREAK

10.45am – Workshop 1 – Reflect  

Option One – Listen – What is God saying to you in this moment?
OptionTwo – Bouncing forward


11.30am – BREAK 

11.45am – Workshop 2 – Reflect 

Option One – Youth Ministry latest research findings
Option Two – Helping children and families reflect on their experience 

12.30pm – Lunch Break

1.00pm – Workshop 3 – Re-Envision 

Option One – Re-envisioning leaders and volunteers
Option Two – Re-focussing on mission to children/young people 
Option Three – Re-turning to the small – one-to-one discipleship 
Option Four –  Equipping parents continuing to be our priority

1.45pm – Reflect Moment

2.00pm – Finish