Solarflare Beach Party

5th July 2019

What is Solarflare?

Solarfare is a beach party with around 200 young people and youth groups on a private beach! It is a night packed with loads of entertainment and this year is no different! We have a number of hilarious inflatables as provided by ‘Bouncing Crazy’, which include slip n’ slide, gladiators, bungee runs just to name a few! There will be an Escape Artist who will be performing and we will put him to the test to see if he can get out of hand cuffs, strait jackets, chains and locks so come and see whether anything can hold him back or chain him down! There will be amazing quality live bands from Devon and the local area to ensure the vibes keep on coming during the night! And there will also be the insanely awesome DJ Jozzy who will be pumping the beats for our headline act! As well as this, there will be fun beach games, extremely tasty BBQ and lots of general craziness on the beach and in the sea!   

It truly is a night not to be missed! So come and chill with us at the beach this year and by chill, we mean go nuts!

Who for?

Solarflare is open to any age but it is aimed at those in secondary school (ages 11 – 17). 

Please note, anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult 


What’s the cost?

Tickets cost only £5 per person. Please bring cash with you as we are unable to accept cards on the day.

(Youth Leaders get a free ticket for every 5 young people they bring!)

A free Hot Dog and Burger you say?!

Yeah! Everyone is allowed to choose between a free hot dog or burger upon arrival. There will even be a chance to buy more for only £1 towards the end of the evening!



6pm – Entrance and registration opens

6.30pm – Food, inflatables, beach games and live local bands

7.30pm – Escape Artist

8pm – DJ Jozzy

The night will officially close at 9.30pm.


Where is it?

This year, it is returning back to the new location, which is Blackpool Sands, Dartmouth, TQ6 0RG. For further information on the location, please visit

What to bring?

As well as the good vibes and £5 entrance fee, you may wish to bring:

  • Wet wear
  • Towel
  • Spare set of clothes
  • Snacks and drinks (strictly no alcohol)
  • Additional money for merchandise or additional BBQ food

Youth Leaders Info

This is a fantastic night to bring your young people along and also a brilliant opportunity to outreach to those young people who maybe on the fringes. This is because it is very relaxed, informal, young people are free to do what they want and there will also be stories and testimonies throughout the night.

It will be your responsbility to oversee and ensure the safety and behaviour of your young people. Please note we will not encourage or provide any supervision of swimming in the sea. Therefore it will be your decision and under your supervision to allow them to swim in the sea.