What is a Ministry Partner?

SWYM wholeheartedly believe in investing in local church and the need for a church to own their ministry. SWYM therefore want to help churches establish the best models of youth ministry, stand in partnership together, and learn from each other. The term 'Ministry Partner’ emphasises the desire of SWYM to work with churches and projects that have a heart, and vision to reach young people in their area in a strategic way. All this must be done through genuine partnership, where both parties seek to serve one another. SWYM works with many Ministry Partners across the South West, all with unique and varying projects. These partners do not cover the whole of the South West, and so SWYM is always seeking to develop new partnerships to see effective youth work take place throughout the region.

How to become a Ministry Partner?

If you are interested in starting a youth work project or are looking to appoint a youth worker, please contact your SWYM Area Coordinator. This will enable SWYM to work with you to offer support as you realise your vision and heart for your community. This passion to reach out to young people can cause potential Ministry Partners to set up their project as soon as possible. This is understandable; however it is vital that some preparations are first made. For example, a long-term strategy will give the youth worker a goal to aim towards. Whilst many organisations take responsibility for the entirety of the project, SWYM place the emphasis on the local church running their own project with SWYM’s support. SWYM works with its partners from the outset, so that we may grow together in ministry and seek the best way to run your youth work. By working through key issues such as why you want a youth worker, management of youth workers, support for youth workers and strategy for reaching young people, SWYM will enable you to form a solid foundation for youth work at the very start of your project.

Part of the process of becoming a SWYM Ministry Partner is to complete the Ministry Partner Registration Form and Job Description Form which you can now do online. On receiving these forms your Area Coordinator will then continue to work with you to develop your youth project, to work towards recruiting a trainee to work with you and to explore further how SWYM can serve you in your local setting.

Over the 12 years that I have been associated with SWYM, I have come to recognise its vital & strategic importance for the region, in training young people to serve in key roles within our churches. SWYM does much more than equip young adults for youth ministry, it equips them for a Christian life of sacrificial service. It is a dynamic and vibrant organisation which shapes people for their work in growing the Kingdom of God.

Andrew Gardiner, Minister of Hope Baptist Church in Plymouth