February 13, 2019
Addlewell Lane, Yeovil
Weekly Allowance
None given


We are a creative team exploring mission through worship, music, media, dance etc. running creative academies, creative clubs, events, gigs, trips and more.
Developing resources for the local church, equipping others with creative arts skills, worshippers and more.
We are looking for people with creative skills and a heart for worship who have a passion to serve and are prepared to be a part of an artistic environment, exploring worship, writing and recording music, filming videos and designing resources. Also having a passion for mission and sharing the gospel with young people through working with youth groups, creative clubs and doing outreach.
This is an amazing opportunity to be personally transformed while serving young people and growing in worship leadership. Come and join us here in Yeovil as part of YCC (Yeovil Community Church), a vibrant expanding church with a passion to resource others. You will have a specific focus of supporting in the development of worship but also working as a part of a larger team, you will also be involved in serving in our large outreach children’s and youth events and schools work.
If you are a worshipper, creative and have a passion for growing in your gifting and seeing young people grow in theirs, we would love you to come and join us here in Yeovil as part of a vibrant expanding church with a passion to resource others.
Our vision is:
C - Centre of excellence for creative arts
R - Resource the church
E - Engage with our local community
A - Actively involved in justice
T - Training and releasing
E - Exploring God's heart for worship

You will:

• Support worship leadership team with the administration of the worship team, rotas, equipment, etc.
• Work alongside worship leader in songwriting and producing resources for YCC and the wider church
• Be part of worship team and leading at YCC events and gatherings
• Work alongside creative lead to help communicate YCC’s vision and values
• Be involved in events management
• Support in the production of creative work alongside media
• Work with young people in schools as part of music projects (building self-esteem, mental health and behavioural development)
• Work with young people at YCC’s worship academy
• Work with the youth groups at YCC

Within the wider team, opportunities arise that include:
Developing skills in:
• Music
• Song writing
• Designing
• Video production
• Leading Worship
• Performing
• Creating resources
• Leadership development
• Schools work
• Detached working
• Working with evangelistic groups
• Friday night Youth groups, from ages 4 - 14.
• Mentoring
• Drop-in's
• Discipleship groups
• Children’s work
• Overseas trips
• Organising and Leading events, trips and Camps
• Being involved in youth work at New Wine summer festivals

Essential Criteria

• Be a committed Christian.
• Have a heart for young people, to see them reach their full potential and become the person that God has made them to be.
• Have good communication skills, with both the children, young people and their families.
• Have a desire to grow and be transformed
• Have a willingness to serve, get stuck in and give your all
• Use their initiative
• Be self-motivated and work well in a team
• A good team player
• Have some children’s / youth work experience
• Manage time well and be organised.

Preferred Criteria

• Creative skills which could include Music, Media, Dance etc.

Accommodation Details

Accommodation with a host family will be arranged

Week Overview

Monday: Cluster, Study
Tuesday: Office, School work, Academies
Wednesday: School work, Academies, Drop-ins
Thursday: Office, School Work, Academies / Mentoring, Worship
Friday: Youth Group Set up, Youth Groups
Saturday: Day Off/One-off Events
Sunday: Church, Youth Group

Ready to Apply?

If you would like to explore joining SWYM then please fill in an application form, and one of our team will be in touch to discuss the next steps. 

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