Make a difference.

Your donation will empower leaders to share the good news of Jesus with children and young people in churches, schools, communities, and transformative camps and events across the South West.

Help children and young people start their lifelong journey of discipleship today.

Here at SWYM, we are passionate about reaching the young people of the South West. We know that we can’t do it alone – we rely on God’s help, and we also need committed people who are willing to invest their time, money, or resources. If you’re wondering how you can get involved, here are some ideas:

1. Sign up as a supporter. Receive our termly updates about what’s going on in SWYM. This is a great way to stay informed about our work and to see how your support is making a difference. Scroll up to sign up to recieve our email updates.

2. Pray for us. We know that prayer is powerful and that God hears our prayers. As you pray for us, ask God to guide us and give us wisdom as we work with young people across the South West.

3. Give financially. Investing financially in SWYM is a great way to help us reach more young people with the Gospel message. Your generous donations help to cover the costs of our conferences and other events for young people. Click here to give online.

4. Volunteer your time. We need volunteers for our events spread throughout the year, from half-day activities to week-long camps. Use your talents to serve God and watch as transformation takes place.

5. Spread the word. One of the best ways you can invest in SWYM is by telling others about us. Share our news updates with your friends and family, and encourage them to pray for us and support our work financially if they are able.

We are so grateful for your prayers, financial support, and encouragement. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of the young people of the South West.