Training Overview

SWYM is a regional children’s and youth ministry seeking to serve and share the Gospel with children and young people across the South West. SWYM seek to equip workers with the best training possible to enable them to function as a minister to children and young people and a servant of Christ within our current multi-faith, multi-media and multi-experiential generation of young people. Never before has their been the need for multi-lingual (secular and spiritual) servants of the Gospel to take the message of Jesus into their own culture in relevant ways, without losing the heart of Jesus life-saving message.

The SWYM training programme seeks not just to be an academic ‘head-knowledge’ course, but a life-changing journey of discovery into Christian discipleship and your role as new leaders in a society where self-gratification and instant fulfilment prevail. Each training course aims to take you and your gifts and turn them into effective instruments of the Gospel, engaging mind, body, soul and strength in a variety of ways to help your faith come alive and your ministry unfold in new and exciting ways. By involving personal development, formal lectures, workshops, retreats, worship, prayerful consideration and exploration of what all these things mean to the modern youth leader, the entire programme will help release and equip you into your true calling and vocation.

Varying levels of certification and course duration give a flexibility to engage at the right level for you and open doors to new levels beyond each course. Some courses will give you a formal qualification for your ministry, or can give training credits transferable to other educational establishments. Others mainly aim to assist you on your journey with Christ in a more informal way.

‘My years in SWYM were a huge team of growth in my relationship with God. I learnt to take huge risks and not worry too much when things didn’t work out how I planned! I learnt about placing my trust more and more in what God said about me and what He was asking of me.’ Amy Stock –

‘SWYM is an amazing organization who do a brilliant and vital job in training, equipping and resourcing youth leaders all over South West England. I commend them without hesitation’ Mike Pilavachi – Soul Survivor