Be Transformed

Discover your calling and make a difference that lasts a lifetime.

Be Transformed is a year where you can grow into the person and leader that God wants you to be. This course will help root and ground you in the Christian faith, giving you the practical tools and knowledge to grow as a disciple of Jesus.

Be Transformed is more than just a gap year program; it is an opportunity to gain skills that will serve you for a lifetime, and make connections and memories that will last forever. You will leave Be Transformed with a greater understanding of your calling and purpose, as well as increased skills, lasting memories, and new friendships.

You will also be provided with resources to help you develop your practical ministry skills including leading groups, teaching children and young people and developing your time management and productivity. 

As part of this course, you will be working towards the Engaging with Applied Theology course from Moorlands College, which has been accredited by NCFE as a Customised Qualification with the learning outcomes and assessment criteria benchmarked at Level 3 (using a national framework’s level descriptors).

Core Modules

‘Introduction to Applied Theology’ explores how an understanding of theology helps you engage with culture.

‘Biblical Overview’ explores an overview of the Bible, and helps you to relate scripture to everyday life.

‘Mission and Ministry’ explores your faith development, and reflects on your own leadership.

‘Personal and Professional Development’ helps you to examine the importance of effective management and personal growth.

Discipleship Modules

‘The Gospel’ will enable you to open your eyes to the reality and implications of the Good News.

‘The Holy Spirit’ explores who the Holy Spirit is and how God equips us for ministry.

‘Character of God’ helps us explore who God is and who you are in your relationship with Him.

‘Spiritual Wholeness’ will help you to develop a greater understanding of your identity in Christ.


Practice Modules 

‘Working with Young People’ enables your professional development in youth ministry.

It explores areas of risk, the importance of reflective practice and what you need to consider when working with young people.

‘Working with Children’ explores child and faith development and how you can effectively work with children and families.

You will also explore how to communicate the Bible to children, and develop your skills.

Please note – international trainees on a volunteer visa will complete Be Transformed without registration to the Engaging with Applied Theology course.

Ready to Apply?

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Be Transformed was a step out in faith to follow God’s calling on my life. 

The teaching helped me grow closer to God, and grew my understanding of His word, which equipped me for working with young people.

It was an amazing year of being supported by SWYM to grow academically and spiritually. I now feel inspired to step out in faith in new ways.

Jordan Duke