What would Jesus do in the snow?

Mar 22, 2018Ideas0 comments

It’s 1st March and spring is in the air, right? Umm, no. Blizzard conditions are forecast and the local schools are shut…So the difficult decision is made to cancel our weekly clubs; our volunteers just can’t get to the church safely.

A day off then? A snow day!!!

The kids and families from our village are all gathered in the local cricket field to go sledging. My son is with them and I tell him that we’ve had to cancel Kids Café, our after-school group for primary school children and parents. He asks, ‘Why don’t you run it at the cricket pitch Mum? Like you do in the summer at the playing field.’

‘Don’t be silly,’ I say, ‘I’m not standing in the freezing snow serving drinks for three hours.’

A niggling thought arises in me: ‘What would Jesus do?’

A mere two weeks beforehand, at our church weekend away, we had been challenged to go out into our community and not to expect our community to come to us.

That niggle again.

Then a plan begins to form. If the kids can’t come to us, then let’s go to them! I discuss it with my team and my line manager. We agree to put on a Pop Up Snow Café the following afternoon.

It didn’t take much effort. We had all the food and drink already bought for Kids Café. Publicity was quickly produced and posted on Facebook. You have be proficient on social media if you work with kids, families and youth.

Soon there was a buzz around the village about it.

Friday afternoon came and four of us traipsed through the snow to church. There we prepared flasks of tea, coffee and hot chocolate, to go alongside copious quantities of cake. This was all transported (via sledge) to the local cricket field and cheerfully distributed to the crowds that had gathered.

We decided to use it as an opportunity to raise funds for the Alzheimer’s Society. Recently one of our Kids Café regulars lost her mum to the disease. In just over an hour we raised an amazing £109. The lady was completely blown away. It had been her mum’s funeral the day before and hardly anyone had been able to attend due to the weather. She was so grateful to her community for showing love and support in this way.

I feel sure that the village will be talking about this for years to come. And hopefully will remember that, in the midst of the snow, the church were there serving and loving. It’s what Jesus would have done.