Releasing Pioneers of Change

CATALYST | noun [someone or something that causes a big change:]


The TAG Catalysts course is a discipleship training resource designed to equip young people & students to become pioneers of change wherever they go.


“You don’t “DO” Catalysts you “BECOME” a Catalyst.”


TAG | Catalysts has evolved from the TAG RISE UP mentoring programme which has equipped over 250 young people over more than 10 years to develop their faith, character and leadership. Our hope is that ‘Catalysts’ will allow many more young people to access the Rise Up experience in their local context.

Our aim for Catalysts is not only to impart knowledge or produce a new bible study resource as there are already many great ones out there. Our aim is to provide young people and students with tools that can enable them to grow as disciples and make disciples – to put their learning into action. 



How the material works


Catalysts is made up of three parts; Group Sessions + Online Learning + Mentoring


This structure lends itself to a rhythm of learning which can be continued once the official material has been completed. We hope the Catalysts will continue these three rhythms of learning well beyond the scope of the 10 sessions.

Group Sessions

Catalysts includes 10 full sessions of teaching content incorporating a variety of learning styles with a mixture of teaching and group activities.

Online Learning

Each participant will receive a unique login to the online learning portal. Once there they can go through self-directed learning using the online content that includes supplementary videos and reflection activities.


Meeting regularly with a more experienced Christian will help the mentee grow in their faith by reflecting on their learning and other aspects of their lives.

Who is Catalysts for?

Catalysts is designed for young people and students who have faith in Jesus and would identify already as being a Christian. 

However, we understand discipleship to Jesus is a journey and a process that doesn’t always have a clear start point. Additionally, many youth & student groups are made up of people at different stages of that journey. Therefore, if someone is interested in learning and exploring more about what it means to follow Jesus then Catalysts could be for them.

In light of this, there are two ways you could use the Catalyst resource.

  • The material can be used as part of an existing group that meets regularly, for example a youth discipleship group which meets on a Sunday morning or mid-week.
  • You could intentionally invite a select smaller group of young people whom you think would particularly benefit to meet on a different night each week or to stay for lunch after Church on a Sunday for example.


Session Topics & Overviews




The Gospel
Introducing the course and looking at what is the Gospel, as well as how we can easily remember and share it using the four points.
Sharing Your Faith
Exploring how and why we share our faith and practicing sharing our story.
What does it mean to be a disciple of Jesus and how can we grow as disciples.
Answering the questions “Why are we here?” and “What are we made for?” focussing on the Great Commandment & the Great Commission.
Practically looking at how we can develop an exciting personal prayer life.
Hearing God’s Voice
Exploring the idea of hearing God’s voice and spending time practicing together.  
Freedom & Identity
Helping participants understand their identity in Christ and how to walk in freedom from the past.
The Bible
Looking at how to understand, enjoy and study the Bible.
Character & Integrity
Why is character so important and how do we develop a character that is more like Jesus?
Culture & The Kingdom
Focussing on what is “The Kingdom” and how we can all influence and transform the culture we are in.

Try A Sample Session

You can download a sample of the facilitator’s session notes for the group session on “Character and Integrity” here. (The content will appear in a different format on the online platform for facilitators. Please don’t pass it on without our permission.)


How to run Catalysts

Our model is simple. We connect, train and support you to mobilise your young people to become Catalysts.

Because we are so passionate about seeing as many young people and students equipped as possible, we are giving away this resource for FREE! The only costs involved are your training day and the printing costs of the Facilitator’s and Mentor’s guides.

We believe vision and values are best imparted through relationship. Therefore, to run Catalysts you first need to attend a facilitators training event either online or in person. This helps us to share the heart and vision behind Catalysts, maintain consistency across the courses, ensure best practice for the mentoring element and encourage and equip you in the process.


The Process:

  1. Facilitator attends a training day/session
  2. Register your group & order your material (online or in person)
  3. Receive your Facilitators & Mentor Guides
  4. Review your safeguarding policy with your safeguarding officer
  5. Start recruiting your mentors
  6. Your unique online course will be created at
  7. Mentor’s complete their training
  8. Off you go! Start your first group session

We suggest you leave at least half a term between the start of this process and your first group session.

“I have definitely come closer to God.” 

“Teachings were very meaningful and helped me a lot.” 

I am more confident to tell people my story”

“It’s great to have someone to talk to about my own life and how I can stay connected with God during rough patches.”


Facilitators Training


The next facilitators training is ONLINE on February 10th, 9:30 – 12:30

Cost: £10

Please register your interest and we’ll be in touch (If you want to get started sooner please email


The cost of the training covers your facilitators guide, which you will receive in the post once you register, and the costs of setting up your unique online course.

If you are unable to attend the facilitators training on that date above, you can still register your interest to hear first about the next training date.



More information:

If you want to ask any questions about Catalysts and how the resource can work then please email and/or we can chat over the phone/zoom if you prefer.



Facilitators Training