Fees & Finance

We have created a finance structure which should make taking on a SWYM trainee affordable for you.

Cost of Living

Ministry Partners provide trainees with accommodation and food. Accommodation is often with a host family but could be in a shared flat or annexe – often this is given by a member of a local church but they may require some financial support to help cover this. The church should also reimburse the trainee’s travel expenses for placement activities, cluster and conferences. 

We encourage trainees to raise £100-150 per month as a personal allowance for themselves, simply for their own spending. Eligible students on the BA with Moorlands can also apply for the maintenance loan from Student Finance.


Projects should provide travel to and from cluster and conference events as well as local travel for placement work and any other reasonable expenses for the placement work carried out. Trainees & Ministry Partners should negotiate travel expenses for Moorlands Block Weeks separately.


Finally, because of the generous giving of SWYM supporters, we are able to offer Ministry Partners a reduced fee. Your contribution (payment) goes towards the support, resources, and training costs. This charge will be paid to SWYM in two instalments – October and March.

Course: Trainee Fee: Placement Fee:
Be Transformed £250 £5,000
The Academy £200 £5,000
BA (Hons) Applied Theology £8,355* £3,100

Please note that fees are paid annually and rise in-line with inflation.

SWYM will pay for an initial DBS check if you are not already on the Updating Service. It is the trainee's responsibility to remain on this service whilst in a SWYM placement.

* There is an additional registration fee of £540 in Year 1 of the BA (Hons) Applied Theology.

Want to find out more?

If you would like to speak to someone about SWYM, please get in touch:

Not only do SWYM provide quality training that inspires excellent Kingdom thinking, they also create a learning environment that helps trainees put that thinking into practice in their own lives, the churches they are working with and the communities that they are seeking to reach with the gospel of Jesus.

Carl Smethurst

Regional Minister – Mission, South West Baptist Association