What is TAG?

TAG exists to see the Transformation of A Generation through mobilising young people across the South West to become pioneers of change.

We believe that our society is in desperate need of extra-ordinary followers of Jesus who live out their faith in a way that transforms the world around them. We think young people are key to making that happen, so we run regional conferences, mentoring schemes and day events to help resource youth workers and local churches to accelerate young people’s discipleship and leadership potential.

Check out the details of our resources and upcoming events, including TAG Spheres – “Discover Your Calling” at the bottom of the page.


TAG Catalysts is a discipleship training resource designed to equip young people and students to become pioneers of change wherever they go. it includes 10 group sessions, mentoring resources and online material which can be used in your local context. 

Each year we gather young people and students from across the South West to encounter God, hear from inspiring Christian leaders in every sphere of society and learn how together we can put our faith into action.


TAG’s Values

As well as operating within the wider values of SWYM

TAG holds to the following key values that shape what we do:

Everyone plays a part

We believe every member of the body of Christ is designed to take part in God’s mission no matter their age, knowledge, or experience.

Learning through doing

We believe the best way to learn is to put ideas into practice. As far as possible, we aim to build in practical experiences and applications into our training and conferences.

Word and Spirit

We believe Jesus can actively shape and guide what we do through the Holy Spirit and the Bible. 

Championing local church

We seek to support and equip local expressions of the body of Christ as God’s primary vehicle of mission.

Kingdom mission

We believe God’s kingdom can impact and transform every sphere of society. We seek to train young people and students to take part in God’s mission wherever they go.

Discipleship through relationship

We believe mentoring is a key tool for discipleship that is modelled and encouraged in scripture. We seek to train mentors and encourage a discipleship culture in local settings. 

Upcoming TAG Events…