How much are tickets?

Tickets cost £78. Parent helper children are either half price if aged 5-7, or free if aged 0-4. For children requiring a carer, please contact us; there is no cost for this ticket. Once on site, all the activities and fairground rides are free! Please be aware ticket prices go up to £88 on the 31 March.

What is the age range for Spree SW?

The minimum age is 8 at the start date of Spree. If they turn 8 during Spree they cannot come unless they are children of adults in the group, in which case they come free of charge aged 0-24 months and at a discounted rate for ages 2-8. Under 8’s MUST be supervised by their parents the whole time. The maximum age is 17 at the start of Spree, i.e. if they turn 18 during Spree they can still come as a young personHowever, if they turn 18 before the start of Spree, they will only be able to come as an adult with your group and must have a valid DBS per the DBS policy on the Bookings page. 

Can I bring my dog with me?

Unfortunately notWe can’t permit dogs onsitePlease contact us if you have a registered guide dog as we may be able to make arrangements for this. 

Can I get power at my campsite?

There are a small number of electric hook up’s that are available at an extra cost. The cost is £50. You can book this when you pay for your event ticket. These are available on a first come, first served basis.  

Can I come for just one day?

Unfortunately not. We do not offer day tickets for Spree SW.

Can I bring a Caravan/Camper?

We advise everyone to come and camp in tents, however, we are able to accommodate a small number of Caravans and Campers if neededIf you would like to book a space for your Caravan/Camper, then you will need to let us know at the point of booking. 

Will there be any food that I can buy onsite?

YesWe have catering vans onsite who you will be able to get meals and snacks fromWe do recommend that you bring catering for your group and cook yourselves as we do not control the pricing of the catering vans.  

What disabled facilities do you have?

We will be providing a disabled accessible toilet which will be accessible 24/7 over the weekendWe can also arrange for a BSL interpreter to be in any of the venues, but will need to know prior to the weekend if this is neededPlease get in touch via the contact form if this is something that you would like us to arrange for you or someone in your group. 

Can I shower onsite?

Yes. There will be portable showers near to the camp sites and there are also showers in the main building at Westpoint.  

Where can I park?

You will be directed to the onsite car park on arrival Spree SW. We must advise that while we do our best to keep the site secure throughout the weekend, vehicles parked onsite over the weekend are left at the owner’s riskThe car park is within the boundaries of the site, and security will patrol this area. 

Will I be able to charge my phone?

For leaders, we have charging stations available in the info pointThis will be available at all hours that the info point is in operationUnfortunately, we will not be charging the phones of young people and children onsite. Please note however, that we cannot be held responsible for phones left unattended. 

Is there any internet access onsite?

While there is a free public WiFi available for use, it operates at a slower speed, and 3G/4G is limitedIf you have forms or details that you need to access online during the event, please bring a printed copy with you. 

Can I smoke or vape onsite?

We are a non-smoking and non-vaping site. If anyone would like to smoke or vape over the weekend we would kindly ask them to leave Westpoint premises to do so. 

Help! I’ve done something wrong when booking a ticket!

First of all, don’t panicWe are very good at getting problems solved, so we can definitely help you with thisFirst things first, get in touch with your group leader – they may be able to helpIf they can’t help with the issue, drop us an email at info@spreesw.org and we will get in touch to sort it out with you.