Group Leader Information

How to Book

Step 1: Register

Register an account on our ticket booking system, Solid Rock. On successful registration, you will be sent a unique code. Keep hold of this!

Step 2: Purchase Your Group Leader Ticket

Book your own Group Leader Ticket using the unique code you have just received.

Step 3: Booking in Children, Young People & Helpers

Booking with Spree SW is easy. You can book your church/group on without needing to book any of your team or young people. Once you have completed step 1 and 2, share the booking link with famiilies (along with your unique booking code). Families can then login or register with Solid Rock and purchase ticket/s from there.

To take advantage of the payment plan option plan of a 50% deposit and two-instalments, you will need to do this before the early bird tickets end.

Tickets are free for Carers accompanying children or young individuals who require assistance. Contact us for additional details.

Please be aware that while refunds are not available, ticket exchanges are possible.

Arrival & Departure

Key Details

Children and young people can arrive from 16:00 on Friday, with some activities opening from 19:00.

Departures are from 14:30 on Sunday.

Set-up and Set-down

We appreciate it takes a team effort to set up and pack down a camp area! Group Leaders and helpers with tickets can arrive onsite from 10:00 on Friday. 

If you want additional helpers (without tickets) to assist with your set up and pack down, they can be onsite between 10.00 and 15.30 on Friday and from 16.00 on Sunday.

We ask that Group Leaders ensure that all helpers without tickets leave outside of these specified hours. 

All those staying onsite (using facilities that we are paying to hire – including camp caterers and parent helpers) will need to purchase a Youth Leader/Parent Helpers’ 18+ Ticket.

Keep an eye out for further details regarding arrival and departure – coming soon!