Conference Teaching Weeks

Our training courses are primarily delivered through six conferences per year at Lee Abbey in North Devon. The whole SWYM team gathers together for four days.

There is space for worship, inspiration and teaching. The idea is that as we leave conference we come away equipped to do the job on the mission field but also inspired again to live out our lives for Christ. Each day starts with breakfast, followed by a morning devotion before heading to lectures. We also make space in the evenings for a mix of social activities and extended periods of worship. 

At each conference, you will be part of a Small Group, with 4-5 others, which provides a space to share honestly about areas in life where you would value prayer and input. 

Your course tutors, who are available to encourage and support you in your coursework, will also be there for you personally.

Going to conference is really refreshing as you get to connect with God through worship, prayer and relevant teaching. It’s also great to be with others who can support and encourage you.

Lydia Mason