Placement Based Learning

Our key ethos in training is that whilst it is really important to know the theory, the majority of learning comes through practically doing it. As a result, all SWYM trainees are placed with a carefully chosen placement, where you will be doing practical ministry for the majority of your time (24-32 hours per week).

We have a wide range of placements available, including vibrant city-centre churches, projects working across local schools, detached work and rural ministries spread across small villages. On acceptance to SWYM, we will work with you to identify a suitable placement and arrange a visit and interview to help you and the placement work out what is right.

Your placement will provide you with food, accommodation and cover the costs of your training. You will have a line manager within the placement who will meet with you either weekly or fortnightly to work through your timetable and help plan for upcoming events and activities.

Each term you will meet with your line manager and Area Co-ordinator for a review meeting and to set goals for the following term. You will also have a mentor who invests in you spiritually and personally. Anything you have been challenged about can be processed and discussed with your mentor as you meet regularly.